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Monday, 29 March 2010

Do i have the time?....... the answer has to be yes!

All day i had been planning to head out on a bike ride after work, i knew what time i needed to leave and how long it would take me.... but today was one of those days where everyone and everything was determined to thwart me!
Despite trying to finish work on time the cash machine broke in the venue which then had to be fixed, i had several last minute phone calls which turned into mamouth conversations where i truly find myself wondering if the person on the other end really needed to tell me this right now!
I finally manage to set off in the car only to find im stuck behind a dear old lady doing 35 max in a 60 ahhhhhhhhh im beginning to wonder if i have the time before it gets dark
I get home and im madly running about again with the phone tied to my head as i try to sort ourt some work stuff and try to carry out my road bike at the same time..... the bruises on my legs show this really wasnt working :-)
finally i head off in the car to the bike ride location on the way i manage to persuade a friend to meet me out there.
Finally im there i get on the bike and i realise the scambling to get away from the office, the falling out of the door as i try to rush out the house with the bike, and the keeping my patience with little old ladies was all .....................completely worth it!
Later as i ride my friend joins me, and we soon realise its time to head in... partly due to the fact it was now difficult to see where we were going, note to self get light for road bike to avoid near death collisions with geese!
So when you are wondering do i have the time..... just make that concious decision to push through and do it anyway. whats the worse that could happen.... you finish a little later than you had planned. get up get out and have fun. After all whats the point in working if you dont have the time to enjoy yourself every now and again.

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