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Sunday, 7 March 2010

Never be afraid to sweat!

I notice quite often in the gym that there are those people both big and small who seem to think that just by being in a gym they will loose weight and get fitter... as though gyms have some magic power that works on you as you step in the door to remove all those unwanted pounds. i often see people who come to the gym day in day out but never get a single bead of sweat on them, they play with the machines swapping frequently and never really achieving much, except they keep there fashionalble gym clothes pristeen and makeup smear free. (why you would want to wear makep in the gym i have never understood). But for some reason these people think this will work.
Now i can tell you that this is not true.. it takes a bit of hard work, commitment and yes you've guessed it SWEAT!
Sweat is not something you should be afraid of, noone is looking at you pointing and laughing just because you have a sweat patch appearing under your arm... the likely hood is they have just the same if not bigger. Now unless you are some how biologicaly lucky enough to be some kind of human robot (like a certain pint sized friend of mine), it is inevitable that as soon as you begin to excercise you will sweat. Far from being a bad thing this is a good thing, its the bodys way of keeping you cool when you work out.... to do this it need to burn some fuel ... and guess what that means calories! YES IF YOU ARE SWEATING YOU ARE BURNING CALORIES!
I used to feel the same, when i was bigger i was consumed with the thought everone was watching me, and i was horrified when i began to sweat thinking everyone would be saying it was just becase i was fat. however i pushed through, ignored the thoughts in my head and now several sizes smaller i still sweat.... in fact because i am now able to push harder for longer i probably sweat more. I often look like a drowned rat coming out of a spin class, but now its not a sign of embarasment its a sign that ive had a good work out.... if im honest if im not dripping i dont feel like ive worked hard enough!
so embrase your sweat and dont become one of these gym plonkers who spends money on posh gym clothes never to achieve any kind of result. get on your baggy t and trackys and get a sweat on........ just dont forget to keep your fluids up and drink some water as you go :-)

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