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Saturday, 6 March 2010

And the journey begins

Well ive finally done it, ive booked onto the course which i hope will change mine and others lives!
I find it utterly crazy that only 1 year ago i was obese, unfit and if i truly admit it unhappy, but then i met someone who changed my life for the better, someone who showed me i could do it even when i felt every part of me would fall apart (and believe me when it came to just doing a few squats i thought i would collapse)...... my personal trainer toby. Now 1 year on im fit, on the whole healthy except for a few little niggles which come along with training, and a whole heap happier and i want to pass this on.
Yes you guessed it...i am going to become a personal trainer....... i finally booked onto a course today and by the end of july i will be fully qualified (watch out world).
Just finally making the step towards becoming a personal trainer is amazing, i couldnt control my happines today and now every minute i spend training or competeing will be getting me one step closer to my goal... helping others to make the positive change that i have, showing them they can, and hopefully giving them the motivation and inspiration they need for that lightbulb to switch on and lead to happier, healthier more balanced lives.


  1. wow train me first please...ask for spoecial instructions for old knackered mums with arthritis and fondness for cadcurys:) love you xxxxx

  2. hurrah!! Truly inspiring! This is fate, meant to be! Hurrah hurrah hurrah!

  3. ps a giveaway, asking people to leave a comment sometimes brings those lurkers out...I am sure loads are following but not my bad self! x