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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

I love manic tuesdays.... such a Good Day

tuesday is a crazy day, for some reason my insane self thinks its a great idea to train twice in a day.... and no i dont do this to be a crazy fool its just i train every tuesday morning in a shared personal training session with my always 5 mins late gym buddy. and in the evening i do a half hour abs class and a spin session. somewhere inbetween all that i fit in a crazy day at work.
Now it does make for a hard long day, but i love spin on tuesdays with tim (a iron man triathlete with a wicked sense of humour and a great if dated sound track), but also tuesday morning is the best day for PT sessions due to my work commitments.
Now by no means do i recommend or suggest that people should train twice a day every day.... i certainly dont! but its just the way my tuesdays are.... but do you know what i love them.
Even though every tuesday when my alarm goes off at 6am my relluctant body screams no, i drag it up and once up i look forwards to being beasted by toby and the feeling i get of starting a day on a good foot.
Work was absolutly manic today, and i was tired getting to the gym tonight but again the classes and my many gym friends boost me and i love every sweaty minute. Not to mention that a couple of gym buddies and i rounded the day off with a trip to nandos and some healthy chicken dinners :-)
i have also lost another stubbourn kilo this week (first for a while) ............................................. today was indeed a good day!

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