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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Legs and abs of steel

well im now 1.5 weeks through my PT course and its going great. i have passed my first assesments with flying colours and have been told by my trainer that i have a flair for the job and great personality she thinks i will make a great PT.
Its so good to feel like im making the right choice im loving every day from theory in the classroom to bench pressing with the guys.
we also did some fitness testing today... a bit like a body MOT... and i have got the all clear. not only is my BP is normal, my lung capacity well over average, and my resting heart rate is low (but not scary theres an issue low just my body is chilaxing low).
We also did a fitness step test in which i scored higher than the girls and up there with the boys, as well as a sit up test where i also beat the girls and to the boys shock beat most of them too tehehehe.
We also tried out our max strength today. this is basically how much can you pull, push, lift etc in one repitition... i.e its as heavy as you can go you will be able to do one but no more. I (again to the boys suprise) leg pressed 185 kilos more than double my weight, and chest pressed 55 kilos.
All of the above just goes to show that you dont have to look ultra skinny or fit to actually be fit. im a good size 14-16 and i am right up there with the best in my class. i think i earned a little respect today from those in my class and gave myself a pretty good boost of confidence too.
Roll on tomorrow. i cant wait to get out there and start helping others.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Day 2 down 28 to go

Well im now 2 days into my pursuit of ultimate job forfillment.... training to be a Personal Trainer.
So far im loving it.... we have pushed weights, spinned our little legs off, disected the human body (on paper nor for real) and much much more. the best bit is every day i keep catching moments where i suddenly realise im training... but it feels like im just having fun at the gym.
Turns out im not too bad at it either :-) whilst training my partner today teaching her how to dead lift (the chicken laying an egg as i have affectionally called it) i got some good comments on my lingo and genuine enthusiasm from the tutor .... Maybe i should bring her an apple tomorrow lol.
But seriously the more i do the more im beginning to think i have made the right choice.... and that i really do have the potential to help others change their lives as i have.
Role on Day three.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

London Baby!

well im finally here... down in london after a small train trip... on which sheamus helped me with some anatomy revision....and getting nervous about starting my course tomorrow!
However im also so excited about the things i will learn and the people im going to meet... maybe they are all just as insane as me! I cant believe its actually here and that i am actually just about to start my personal trainer course.... again who would have thought that someone like fat mairi could turn away from the cakes and head into the fast lane :-P
ive also just been out on a 3 mile run with my little brother (who is kindly putting me up fo the duration of the course) heading out along the canal and through victoria park... it was pretty nice and my knee seems to have held up, but is nagging a little so i will stick with this distance for a while till it stops complaining.
hopefully if i can get up to around 4 miles in the next week or so, i will actually be able to run along the canal to the course each morning as its only about 3.5 miles and means i will miss the rush hour madness which i am not looking forwards to at all!
but hey ho.. here we go. im off to spend the day in the park for a parks festival to relax before the madness begins... look out world here i come.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Woohoo New Legs

well as you all know i have just recently started running again.... well jogging and for just a few minutes at a time :-)
But yesterday i went out for a slightly longer jog with a friend...... 3k no knee pain (well not while i was running) then a little walk followed by another 1k jog .....wehey! god i have missed it and it seems so far so good ...touch something woody (fumbles around and finds a small wooded pencil grabbing it quickly)
Unfortunatly as i havent run for so long albeit my legs seem to be taking the reintroduction to running fairly well my lungs are not!... i have kept fit, but it seems the loss of running has had a severe effect and its going to take me some time to convince my lungs that running really is fun :-) there was a little bit of screaming coming from the lung area they were not happy.... but soon i will whip them back into shape.
so the new plan is up 1k in distance every week with at least 2 runs at that distance each week for 6 weeks. After this time if all is well and the lungs and knees have settled i will up it by 1.5 k each week for 6 weeks which will get me to 18k just befopre the half marathon setting me up for a good injury free run :-)
oooh i do like a good plan :-) bring on the next few weeks and my new legs :-)
(shussssssssssh lungs you will learn to love running again)

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Ball week is officially over..... now to conquer the world

Well this week has been hectic, i made it to the gym only once..... but i spent more than 80 hours working much of which involved heavy lifting, tractor driving (yes tractor driving the only way to get much of the stock and equipment to the grand marquee... one of my now many talents), decorating, being a make shift maintenence girl, electrician, and general all round organiser! but i loved it.. the ball went amazingly, i even wore a little black dress. And i managed to eat fairly well dispite the hectic days and long hours even resisting the free chocolate fountain.
Now i am so looking forwards to heading back into the gym..... im also really excited because i have now recieved my final info and exceptance letter  for my personal trainer course! i start in 2 weeks and i cannot wait! Finally i will gain the experiance, knowledge and qualifications to enable me to help  others who are in the situation i was in. If i can motivate just a handful of people to a happier healthier more balanced life... my work will be done :-)