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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Day 2 down 28 to go

Well im now 2 days into my pursuit of ultimate job forfillment.... training to be a Personal Trainer.
So far im loving it.... we have pushed weights, spinned our little legs off, disected the human body (on paper nor for real) and much much more. the best bit is every day i keep catching moments where i suddenly realise im training... but it feels like im just having fun at the gym.
Turns out im not too bad at it either :-) whilst training my partner today teaching her how to dead lift (the chicken laying an egg as i have affectionally called it) i got some good comments on my lingo and genuine enthusiasm from the tutor .... Maybe i should bring her an apple tomorrow lol.
But seriously the more i do the more im beginning to think i have made the right choice.... and that i really do have the potential to help others change their lives as i have.
Role on Day three.

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