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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

When work takes over and life takes a back seat!

OK so some of us are more guilty of this than others but even the best of us can find work has taken over and all but a few of things you enjoy seem to be a distant memory!

Now for me that joy is Training and considering i have a sprint triathlon (first of the season for me) in 4 weeks i really need to get a grip of my work life balance........
Now you all know my work week is hectic, 2 jobs and a minimum of 70hrs a week leaves little time for much else. But realistically there is time and only i can make it!

 Just the same as i am the only one who can make that decision to eat a chocolate bar.... or not..... .......only i can decide to roll my carcass out of bed an hour or 2 early and fit in a morning run or swim.

I have currently found myself making the wrong decision on more than a few occassions.... not necessarily for the wrong reasons though.... my job is hard, my hours long..... and my partner... (and thus time with them) precious. Some times it is good for the soul and the body to have a break.... training whilst tired is not good for anyone and my body was starting to feel the toll, so a few weeks of enjoying the time i had off from work mainly to be with my partner, go out for meals and generally enjoy the other pleasures in life has done me the world of good and i am now ready to kick myself back into action....

i will be planning my weeks like a finely tuned military mission.... runs/swims and bikes will all be scheduled.
My bike which has needed a service and brush up will be hauled out of the shed and sorted this weekend!!! this i promise and pictures i will show! please beat me up if i do not do so.

and work well... i am determined that although i know my hours have gone up rather than down i will not let this stop me getting to my goal.... i refuse to get any less than 5 minutes off last years time for the same triathlon!!!!

so here i go ! wish me luck i may need it.