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Sunday, 21 March 2010

Rubbish butt.... and wet weather training

Well i had an appointment the other day at the hospital and with a physio.... it turns out that the cause of my lateral knee pain is ITB Syndrome.... essentially this is one of the muscles which goes down the outside of your thigh.... its getting inflammed and rubbing against my femur... what is the cause you may ask.... well it turns out i have a rubbish Butt.
i know can you believe it for all the things to have wrong its a rubbish bum.... essentially my gluts are weak so i now need to strengthen my butt to enable my gluts to be strong enough to hold my leg in the correct line when i run. So for the next 2 months i am not allowed to run.
But thats fine it means im going to miss out on my 10k next week (but i shall be supporting the rest of my mates who are doing it) and the spring triathlons are out of the window... but it just means i will have time to really work on my bike and swim.
now my swim is pretty strong 14 min 12 secs for open water 750m, but my bike is rubbish. So i will be getting the bike out far more now the weather is getting better.
Mind you i say that and i arranged with a couple of mates to go out for a training session round homepier pont yesterday (great for training as its a 5k lap) and when we got there the heavens opened. this of course didnt stop us but it was pretty amusing the state of us by the end of it. i ment to take some photos but as we looked like and felt like drowned rats at the end the desire to get home, warm and dry meant i completly forgot to get some pics for the blog. however i do have some pics of my brand new trainers which were white and are now more of a muddy brown... why did i not wear my old trainers!
Now i timed a lap round the lake and it was just under 13mins.... this realy needs to improve as that essentially means we were only going about 23kph, but i must point out down one side of the lake the riding is awesome, down the other it feels like your pushing against a 12 tonne elephant due to a horrid head wind. this combined with the torrential rain actually means for a first training ride this is not too bad, but i hope to get it down to about 10 min per lap so 30kph ave. this of course means hammering it up the easy side and sustaining a good pace against the wind on the other... but thats what makes it all the more challenging.
and as my rubbish butt means no running for a bit i have no excuse but to grab the bike and get training.
note to self though.... must get some designated bike shoes (clip in preferably) to save my poor running trainers from the trauma that has now left them whimperring under the radiator :-)

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