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Sunday, 28 February 2010

the joy of small success's

The weekend always seems to by so quickly. I missed body bar this weekend as i had a night out with friends on friday which meant the likely hood of being in the gym less than 5 hours after i came home was doubtful. But hey i made up for it today and dragged myself off to circuit - its all about the balance.
It was in cicuit today that i realised i can now do full press ups! ......yes i can only just about manage 10 before buckling to my knees and opting for the girly ones but its a success none the less.
I have found that since loosing the weight Ihave now hit a plateu, i think im about 1.5 stone off my ideal weight but dispite my best efforts my body seems to like where it is. but hey im happy with that im a size 14 fit and healthy.... but it can get harder to realise why you do it, its much easier in the days where the scales moved down every week. but ive gotta be happy in the small success's, if my weight doesnt go up, thats a small success, and when i discover i can now do a full press up when this time last year i would have laughed out loud at the suggestion of even trying!.... yet another small success!
horrah for that feeling you get when something that seemed impossible now becomes possible... one day I'm determined to conquer a chin up, maybe even the one armed press up :-).
Ive also made more moves in the direction of completing a personal training course.... i have choosen the course, venue and dates.... now all i need to to is raise the money. I cant wait to help others to do this, and do this is a balanced way.... lets not obsess about the calories but take pride in the small success's

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