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Saturday, 6 February 2010

Winter Hibernation

why is it that as soon as the weather gets cold, all i want to do is grab the carbs. Its almost as though my body is trying to get me to fatten up for a long winter sleep.....
but hey i am not a grizzly bear!
Unfortunaltly this is something we all experiance its natural and normal to find yourself pushing away the salads and grabing the comfort foods. its part of our DNA, its our inner monkey making sure that we survive the harsh winter. Yes i know we now have central heated houses and a well stocked kitchen, but our monkey doesnt know that. :-)
Now there is nothing wrong with eating a few extra carbs in the colder months... our bodies do need more energy to keep warm in the colder months but this is not a green light for our inner monkey to take over and destroy all the work We've done over the year.
The best way to keep my inner monkey from eating me out of house and home is to make sure i have a good hearty breakfast before heading into the cold. something like my favourite porridge and dried fruit is perfect. I also ensure that i always have healthy snacks like fruit, or mixed nuts to hand to ensure my monkey doesnt find an excuse to grab a muffin, or a chocolate bar.
when i come in in the evening, ive normally been to the gym and my monkey is ravenous, particularily in the winter months. all i want is a huge bowl of pasta or tortellini... to ensure i can have the carbs im craving but in a healthy way i get a bag of fresh steamed veg, and add this to a small amount of fresh pasta, add some pesto or chopped tomatoes and you have your comforting easy meal, but its packed with goodness.
Me and My monkey have found our balance :-)

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