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Sunday, 21 February 2010

Sunday the day of rest

This week has been so incredily hectic that ive only managed 3 trips to the gym and a total of about 6 hours, so i had planned on heading out for a run today especially as i just bought some new running trainers. however i woke up this morning to find the world had been blanketed in snow..... and no im not hard core enough to run in that... so plan B it was.
i phoned up a friend who has some dogs and suggested that we took them and my little mutt out to play in the snow. This not only meant i got some excersise in the form of a good long walk, but also i get to spend the afternoon with another of my passions.... my DSLR camera and wildlife photography.
Some times its just as important to have some chill out time... and do you know what else i am eating some mini eggs as we speak :-) sunday is indeed the day of rest :-)

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