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Sunday, 14 February 2010

To supplement or not to supplement that is the question!

I have always liked to think that i get most of my daily needs of vitamins etc from my food, however as an ex vege and someone who eats little meat i guess thats unrealistic.
When i sat down and thought about i today, my only real protein source is chicken, fish or dairy products. I try to limit dairy which in turns means my calcium intake cant be great. I do eat loads of veg and fruit as well as some nuts so I'm hoping I'm balanced on most other vits.
Recently ive been having a few issues with my knees, nothing too major but it is limiting my running ability which is not something i need right now when we are leading back into spring and the new triathlon season.
so i thought whats the harm, a few extra vitamins and some cod liver oil isnt going to do me any harm.... well except to my pocket. But it may actually help me heal quicker and hence get more out of my body, i certainly dont want to be an arthritic old lady, so after the gym today i took myself for a stroll round boots pharmacy.
This is where i hit the problem..... can you believe how many types of multi vitamins there are... it took me half an hour of searching just to find one thats not for a pregnant women,50+man or those going through the menopause!
When i finally did find the right section did i want added ginseng or iron, easy to swallow or powder, for the sporting individual or normal and sometimes i thought you were paying more just for the pretty coloured packet! and yes i was comparing the ingrediants list to see if i got anything for the extra money.... in a lot of cases the answer was no.
By now i was beginning to wonder if i was going to be grabbed by the shops security id been loitering so long.
So i decided on general muliti vits from Boots own range (had pretty much everything the more expensive ones did) some cod liver oil to help my knees and over all joints and some chondroitin sulphate also for my knees (p.s scout round for this one i managed to find an own brand tucked away at the back which was less than a quater or the price of all the big names)
so off i rattled to the till, thankfuly due to my careful selections and arduous comparing it wasnt as hard on the pocket as it could have been, and i felt healthier even as i walked out the shop :-)

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