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Monday, 1 February 2010

Beating The Monday Blues

why is it that Mondays are so hard?... getting back into a frame of mind for work... realising the weekend is so far away... all this makes monday a hard day for exercise... you say "theres always tomorrow" or "as long as i still go my 4 times this week its ok if i skip today" but if monday slides by its all too easy for the rest of the week to go the same way and before you know it you havent been to the gym the whole week... this is why routine is so useful... i have a schedule a weekly plan of what i do and when i do it, so when i rise on monday morning the gym bag is packed and ready for a trip to the gym after work... Mondays is Abs class and Jez's crazy aerobics. now im not normally one for aerobics my coordination makes me feel like a baby elephant on ice, but Jez's aerobics its like nothing ive ever done before, i used to watch the class through the window and think god i could not do that... the pace is so fast and energetic... not to mention the many Burpees and press ups... but you know what i tried it and i love it, its now my 4th week doing Jez's class and i love the way he pushes us, and the fact i come out soaked. Its truly an awesome class and the best way to set up my week. i may feel like ive been beasted by a sergent major, but the sense of achievement i feel when ive survived the 65 minutes is all i need to keep me going. roll on the rest of the week, im ready for anything it may throw at me!

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