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Sunday, 31 January 2010

sunday... a battle between my duvet and the outside world

It's sunday again.... the weekend always seems to take forever to come and just when it does its gone again.i wake up and think i need to do something productive today... but inside me fat mairi wants to laze about in bed, or on the sofa. Now yes ive been to the gym 5 times this week already, but i did eat a pizza (low fat vege pizza) last nite and some ben and jerrys (frozen yogurt) so with that thought its up, out of bed joggers on and preparations for a run i will tell you of the joy that i have discovered which is porridge and dried dates... ummm nothing so lovely on a cold winters day as a bowl full of porridge to warm you from the inside out.... add the dates to this and it becomes a little bowl of heaven.Having filled up my camel pack with water and made sure my ipod is charged, i don my gloves, hoodie, hat and trainers and walk out the door... almost immediatly i want to go back in as the sheer cold of the day hits me. But i lock the door and walk down the street and at the bottom of the rd i begin my run.initially i think ill never warm up but soon im enjoying the sunshine and the music in my ears. what better way to spend your sunday morning? 6 miles later im on the home stretch, who would have thought just 1 year ago i was over 5 stone heavier and the thought of running to the bottom of the road would be my worst nightmare!... now i run for fun!what a change? and its one i mean to keep...... but hey just because i pick up my trainers, doesnt mean i dont pick up chocolate everynow and again... after all chocolate and running are good for the soul and i intend to keep the right balance with both.

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