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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

My Training Buddy Returns!

 Training sessions without my buddy are just arent the same... but when my buddy is there the session has a whole new dimension,  and new energy, especially when eye of the tiger begins!
yup you have guessed it my buddy is my pink ipod shuffle. The other day i was distraught to discover it he was no longer working... possibly due to the recent training session in the pouring rain which im fairly sure didnt agree too much with his little electric circuits! Try as i might no matter how many times i charged it, turned it off and on, held buttons down, or shook him he did not ressurect!...
Gutted i didnt really have the pennies to go out and buy a new one so i just resorted to sulking for a bit ......what would i do without pendulum, lulu and my Bass rutten mixed martial arts tracks just to mention a few.
 But then  realised i couldnt bare to be without it, so began to see if i could get it fixed by dear old apple... and to my surprise discovered my little shuffle was still under warrenty YIPEEE so just a short phone call later i had a new buddy on the way.
And today Finally i have my faithful training buddy back, woohoo, it was straight to the pc to download my gym tracks and then packed and ready for my trip to the gym after work!
ooooh i do love it when you have a good sweat on and your fav tunes are blasting in your ears. I cant wait to get out running again with my buddy, hopefully at tomorrows physio session i will get a better idea of when i can begin to put running back into my routine.. i miss it so much (wow cant quite believe im saying that). Fat mairi is truely gone.


  1. yipeeeeee!!

    Exercise is not the same without music! God bless Apple thats what I say!

    An apple a day does keep the dr away!