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Saturday, 10 April 2010

Training isnt all about the gym, classes or PT's

Dont you just love a little bit of sunshine... nothing better to get you up, out and happy. Indeed is is true that sunshine actually does make you happy by improving levels of chemicals in your brain.
Any how the sun is definatly a good vibe for me.... walking home from the gym this morning i decided to get out in the garden and tackle all those overgrown slabs, the dead tree and generaly have a good tidy of the garden.
 The great outdoors wether its your garden or a park.. is a great way to burn a few extra calories. You dont have to be in a gym or have your own trainer to loose weight... i have just finished 3.5 hours pulling, pushing, squating, lifting and generally getting a bit manual in he garden.  Believe me no machine in the gym has me working as hard as the dead tree in the corner of our yard did... i must have spent 1 hour just breaking and pulling that down... it is definatly the most stubbourn dead tree i have ever known, i also discovered the tree bites! i am now covered in bruises scratches and splinters lol. Its so good for the soul though... its like a good spring clean of the garden, and after all my huffing, puffing and lugging round the yard im very chuffed with my achievement.
so if there are any of you out there who are wondering how to get a little more active but are too afraid of the gym, just get out in your garden and have a bit of spring clean... it will do you and your garden the world of good. and if you havent got your own.. help a friend :-)

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