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Friday, 9 April 2010

It's a Deep Burn!

When you first start training for whatever reason it may be... either to tone up, increase your fitness, or loose a little  of the excess (or in my case A LOT) you expect there to be a bit of pain and aching muscles involved. Some people will get put off in just their few sessions because of this (please dont be). And i for one remember the many times i was unable to walk down stairs without resorting to sliding down on my bum or roll out of bed without considerable time being taken to try to assume the least painful method! I even remember one time when my gluts (bum) was so sore on one side that i couldnt get into my car properly and had to try to sit only on the other side (extremly difficult whilst driving and not recommended!).... much to the ammusement of my so called friends!
However if you manage to push through this - which i highly recommend you do - the BURN becomes a little less each time and you soon find it takes a lot for you to get the same degree of Burn. i now get the occassional minor ache but nothing in comparison to the early days unless i have a big routine change and work hard on something i havent done before or for a while.
However this is where i made my mistake... i jokingly said to my trainer whilst training yesterday morning that it had been a while since he had managed to make me feel the burn to which he joyously replied we will fix that! Many one legged squats, squats, straight legged dead lifts, and one legged planks later i was feeling pretty beasted, and my bed was certainly a joyous place to be last nite...... But then the morning came... and oh my god i could FEEL THE BURN! my thighs feel like they have been run over by an elephant.... each step comes with its own cry for redemption and stairs are yet again my biggest nemesis! everytime i squat down to pick something up (and im trying to limit the times i need to do this!) i feel like my legs have bought a one way ticket and arent going to be able to make the return journey back up to standing!
But do you know what... i love it.... i wont be going to the gym today as my aching muscles need a day to recover. But its strange to think that the fact im hurting means i have done some good, and given my body a change in tempo to keep it on its toes. Yes one day you too will yearn for the feeling of the burn and be happy with the aching steps down the stairs and the comical effort you put into getting up or down.
The burn is my friend but one that i am happy to have just occassional visits with as it reminds me im alive and kicking :-)
p.s Thank You Toby for my ass whooping

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