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Saturday, 17 April 2010


After my last trip to the physio she suggested i try out yoga.....  now this is not normally something i would have considered.. i just get images of old ladies and hippies lying around flexing their body into positions that are just.... well unatural! not to mention the fact its slow and how on earth could something like that burn any calories.
However i am doing everything my physio says so i can get running fit again as soon as possible so off to yoga it was.
As i headed in there i realised a few of my preconceptions were true... old ladies and hippies abound.. but yet there were many of your average day to day gym folk there too.. so i thought ok here we go.

Now before i knew it i had my head down bum up and heels on the ground in bowing dog i think........
leading into arms back head down and one leg up of the something swan. It was actually quite difficult, but the yoga teacher (apparently a fully fledged yogi master who cant even kill the mosquitos which feasted on him the night before) was very calm and helpful, and i began to strangely enjoy the challenge of getting my body into shapes i never believed possible..... not only that but managing to hold it, and hold my own with the rest of the far more experianced hippies and oldies :-)
During the session i even noticed my heart racing so there were definatly a few calories being burnt in crouching swan hidden doggy :-)
By the end of the 1.5 hours session i was actually very tired but extremly peaceful and positive about the whole experiance. it was very strange but i certainly felt the class was benefiting me and my inner balance, not to mention my outer stability.
All in all i think yoga was good for me, and i will certainly be seeing how the next class goes and if i at all improve my downward dog. And to what effect it may indeed help my nagging leg injuries. My physio will be proud.

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