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Monday, 19 July 2010

Mairis army

Well it's been one heck of a week. I have taken part in more aerobics classes then I ever would have thought humanely possible in a week!
I have side stepped,grapevined and leg curled my way to a very sweaty victory.
Now I have never been the most comfortable aerobics participant often feeling more like a baby elephant on ice than anything else. But through sheer determination, sweat and tears not to mention a few hours in London fields park prancing around like a looney..... I have made it through.
Today was assessment day and along with a banana a few of what looked like the cast from frame, and myself dressed as an army sergeant we pranced our way through aerobic hell and came out the other side qualified!
Oh yeah me and my barmy army can dance and no we will bring forth our aerobic prowess to the world 

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