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Saturday, 10 July 2010

Today has definatly been a Fat Day

It has been so hot in london today..... which completly blew out any plans we had to go wondering far or do revision.
So instead we had a rather unsuccessful trip to primark (short shopping) and then headed to the market where a mahusive slab of water melon was bought and some cucumber and strawberries! yes you have guessed its pimms O'clock and today was going to be a pimms day :-)
We then headed to sainsburys and after getting various bits for sandwiches we also had some mint icecream fall into the trolley along with various ice cream sundae making materials.... such as that chocolate sauce you had as a kid which goes hard on contact with the icecream yummmy.
I know its bad but it was just too hot to do anything today other than chill out, drink pimms and eat icecream.
we all deserve a Fat day everynow and again. but i will do the gym time in the week as penance :-)
Happy Pimms Day

Now i guess i should go on and do a little revision for my Personal Training exam now its a bit cooler.

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  1. great post....hahahahahaaaaaaaaa! Wish I had been there!!