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Monday, 31 May 2010

Where has my sunshine gone?

we all have bad days and good ones...... i must admit im having a bit of a rough time at the moment! i know crazy huh and we all thought i was invinsible lol....
i think i will always have to battle my evil little inner monkey, and the last few months being unable to run have not helped. i still train 4-5 times a week, but ive missed my running. Ive noticed the naughty snacks creeping back in... i can see it hapening but sometimes its just to hard to resist and you think theres always tomorrow!... well there is always tomorrow but if i want to see lots of them i need to rein my evil little monkey in.
the good news is im now running again... well jogging and only a few minutes at a time while i build up my leg strength, but its given me the light at the end of the tunnel. ive gotta admit work has been tough recently and im now hitting one of the hardest weeks of the year where my training routine will thoroughly be upset and the food on the run more of a frequent occurance. however ive stocked up m fridge at work with fruit and i intend to have a good long session in the gym tomorrow (possibly the only chance i will get this week).
i guess what im tryng to say today is we all have hard weeks, but when you have been overweight like me, its so important not to let them get the better of you.. as its a slippery slope which is easily fallen on. so take stock, dont feel guilty, and prepare the best you can for whats to come. i may not train much this week, but i will be running round like a looney at work and as long as i try to make the best food choices i can this week, i can make up some gym time next week. and i know my sunshine will return...... i may have had a hard few weeks and made a few bad choices but im aware of them enough now to stop it becoming a snowball effect. I even bought myself a new animal top this week a SIZE 14 woohoo.... i love it and its perfect for summer, fat mairi will not win because the new more balanced mairi is now in da house :-)


  1. Glad to see you posting! Your on the way to mine so you can help boost 'fat will' into pounding hitting that tarmac a little bit more often instead of the Heinekens!

    4-5 times a week sounds like over-training to me? Unless theres a triathlon looming?

    Your difficulty is if your not working 'very hard' then you don't feel like your working at all I know the feeling.

    Take a step back mix it up/ swap it around to make training easier and train your mind to except that its not intensity that counts its regular frequency (within reason).

  2. im not over training, as the sessions i do are different intensities. i.e monday is yoga, tuesday i train with my PT in the morning and then spin in the evening, thursday i do circuit and saturday i do body bar. all of which train different things in diff ways. i also try to get out on my bike or a run once a week as well as throwing in some half hour ab sessions before a couple of my classes. but i have been eating more and a little more naughtily and thats what i need to rein in, and yes i have 2 triathlons in aug and then the half marathon in sept so i have a few things coming up. believe it or not im actually training far less than i was last year. now i average 7hrs a week and it used to be between 9-12hrs.
    but yeah your right i guess as i get fitter things are getting easier, and i know changing routine is important and i try to mix it up... so all is good little bro def up for some runs when im down in london allbeit it little ones remember im still building up my leg strength. :-)

  3. awwwwwwwww! me too! magnums and prosecco last night!!! heres to good food choices! I'm with you! x

  4. what an inspiration!! i want to be fit too. You are going to get me outside exercising - post often, tell us what / how you are doing....

  5. thanks paper fish.... i try to make sure i inspire myself on here as well as others... i still need to work hard and have some moments of madness like everyone.... but its all about the balance and that is the most important thing im trying to get across to everyone... its not a strict diet, or a manic excerise routine that will just make you miserable... its about finding a balance between the things you enjoy and the work you put in to allow them.
    remember excercise should never be a chore and chocolate should NEVER be a sin!