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Monday, 3 May 2010

dispite the ruts and pitfalls ....just keep on riding!

Bank holiday sunday..... now most are lazing about, doing a few errands and having a bevy. Me im up and getting my bike gear ready for a trip out. As much as i would love to spend the day lazing in a pub the triathlons i have planned are not far away, and if im to do the iron man 70.3 next year i need a good set of bike legs..... and believe me i dont have them yet.
i decided to try out some of nottinghams cycle routes today, thinking this would be much nicer and easier than braving my life out on the nottingham roads! ive had a near squished bus experiance before which i am not keen to repeat!
today though in the typical blighty style of our fair country despite being May it was pretty cold and miserable outside, and although i know i need to get out on my bike more the weather wasnt making it very easy. but i got my stuff together planned a route and headed out.
now this is where i begin to smile i had a few miles of road to tackle before hitting the bike lanes, and i remember how much i love the ease at which you can pick up speed on a road bike. and being sunday the roads werent too busy so i could enjoy the rush of zipping down the streets.
soon i joined the embankment and had a pleasant trip onlong the river narrowly missing some pigeons who decided to fly as close as they possibly could to my head!
but soon the bike route had dissapeared... to who knew were and i was faced with carrying my bike up some stairs (not too much of an issue, road bikes are light but it was annoying none the less)
soon i rejoined the route only to spend the next half of the route dodging raised tarmac ruts and potholes! i began to realise cycle routes were not made with thought to the road bike user who with no suspention feels every rut and dimple let alone the sysmic holes i was encountering. the road would have been safer!
however i pushed on and after meeting a colleague out at work for a quick chat, i headed back to join the river route..... here i realised it was indeed a good day.
why you may ask? well as i turned the corner i joined the most scenic rive path and suddenly my ride (even if it was still a little bumpy) was becoming more enjoyable. and as a plus the path down here (despite being slightly gravel topped) was far more smooth and suddenly i could get a good pace up again. yes i had to dodge a few ducks, and duck under a few canal bridges but it was so worth it! and i made it home after a couple of hours feeling refreshed and thoroughly suprised that the may bank holiday weather hadnt rained on me!
so despite the ruts, potholes and manic pigeons.... it was so worth keeping on riding (a bit like life!)

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