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Sunday, 9 January 2011

Take a hike into 2011

Ok so i know its been a little while since i have been on here, but it is one of my new years resolutions to ensure i post at least once a week...... dont say i didnt warn you :-)
As with many of us i have decided that this year there are a few things i want to improve....

1. post every week to my blog - why? well i hope it will inspire and help others
2. Eat better.... you can always eat better :-) (and lets face it even the most angelic of us need a little detox after xmas)
3. work less..... lets face it having a full time job of 50+ hrs a week and a part time job of 10-15 hrs a week can take its toll.... even though i dont intend to drop either job i do intend to find more time for me
4. socialize more.....never let the fact your tired stop you getting out there
5. do something for me every sunday (this is my one quarenteed day off)
6. Train more.... yes i know im a PT but fitting training in when you work a 60-70 hr wk can be a little hit and miss

so with these i started this week to really make some of these happen.... i have been out every day, trained 5 times, met friends, and generaly enjoyed myself.

One of the best outcomes of this was a day hiking in the peaks with a good friend of my lightning (dont ask why). we headed out early in the morning to kinderlowemin the peaks, a fair hill, with a massive plateau on the top and some great views or so i was told.
bags packed, jackets on, and compus at the ready we began our climb. At first it was farly sedate and i was lulled into thinking we were going to have a nice gentle hill walk..... when round the corner the path began to be less of a path and more of a bolderous, craggy, muddy and icy scramble and i began to wonder what id let myself in for.

However not far up i was rewarded with the spectacular view of some massive icycles. after taking a few shots we continued the scramble, a few times i thought about the fact that not so long ago i would never have been able to climb this crag let alone the little hill walk at the start, yet here i was doing it with relative ease..... well when i wasnt trying to figure out how not to fall in the river over a particularily icy boulder.

soon we reached the top and i was met with an alien landscape.... we were up in the clouds, and believe me without a map and compas there was no way you would find your way along the peat plateau with its crazy boulders scattered everywhere like some giant had spilt his box of nerds :-)

i must admit i was glad to have Lightning as my map reading isnt up to scratch, but we had great fun clambering our way across the top, slipping over frozen rivers, attempting to get pictures of black grouse, and climbing boulders...

all too soon we were heading back down, however the route down was just as treacherous as the one up, and we had many giggles as either myself or lightnings arms were suddenly flung into the air, our mouths gasping random eeks as we desperatly tried to regain balance after the latest slip.

we managed to get down of the hill just before dark having spent about 5 hours climbing, walking, and generaly trekking.... it was an awesome day, and i tell you what i missed training that day but my legs didnt realise that i had :-)

so heres to a new year full of spontaneous days, treking adventures and generally living life to the max ...

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