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Thursday, 22 March 2012

A Week in my training schedule

Hello all,

just a quickie today, just thought id let you all know how things are going. I can honestly say my inner gym bunnie is winning the war over my inner food monkey.
I am slowly regaining the time and the love for the gym and training. Im already into my 5th hour of training this week which feels great.
so from last Thursday heres a little peek into what i get up to :-)

Thursday = 30min swim, 30 minute spin
Friday = Long walk with Puppy (im at work all that day but pup comes with me and we go for a trundle around 5pm)
Saturday 5k Run
Sunday Rest day
Monday = 30 min Cross fit, 1 hr spin, and 30 minutes of weights
Tuesday = 1 hr spin 30 minutes boxing
wednesday = 1 hr tough cross fit training (1  mile run 2 k row x3 no rest)
and tonight it will be 45 minute swim 30 minute bike :-)

I know this isnt for everyone, but just trying to make your routine varied and intresting helps and doing the things you love which for me is spinning/boxing and cross fit (my new friend)

Hope you are all going well out there

keep going, eat well, train hard and reap the rewards.

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