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Monday, 9 May 2011

When the going gets tough!!!

OK Appologies to fellow followers out there i have been a little lax with my blogging but i am trying to pull my socks up.... but in fairness the past few weeks have been a little trialing to say the least....
not only is work still manic but i was hit by a stomach bug which lasted 3 weeks....

but hey ho i have a trialthlon in 6 days and i am determined to get over the hiccups and get on with the ride :-)

I have a hectic week of training planned including a 5 k run tonight, 1hr spin and 1hr swim tomorrow, another 5k run on wednesday, followed by a spin session and run on thursday.... friday may have another swim but this will be gentle as this will be my rest day.
so hopefully on saturday not only will i complete the triathlon but im hoping to have at least a similar time to last year if not a smidgin better....

so wish me luck people... and if any of you out there are also having hiccups in your training for whatever reason... dont chastise yourselves just pick yourself up and start again



  1. sooooooooooooo true! 'Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, start all over again' Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire sang! ;-)


  2. here is the link!


  3. Good Luck for Saturday x I have been running hard and pushing myself further. I did an hours heavy weight training today and now i am shaking like a little bee!