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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

What a week

well this week i have started my new Personal Training job at david lloyds, moved house, and taught spinning at my local gym.... its been hectic to say the least especially when im still recovering from the previous weekends triathlons!

and what is this i have coming round the corner.... oh yeah thats right in my insanity i decided it would be a great idea to do the half marathon again! less than 2 weeks to go and i am still struggling with ITB, however it is far less severe, and i have been sent a sample of K-Active Tape which i am hoping will help keep the ITB at bay through the run.

However i have a plan.... i may not beat last years time with it, but hopefully i will get round without exacerbating the knee issues.... believe me i do not want to go back to the days of crawling upstairs and siding down them on my butt... comical yes ... pleasent NO!

where were we oh yes... sorry my master plan.... well today pinky we are going to take over the world .. lol sorry little joke there for my sis Mrs B who is also running with me...(also injured what a pair we make), and my lil bro who is also coming up to run it although he has been poorly so its going to be intresting for all of us i think but as long as we make it back over the line running, walking, crawling or crying we will all have done our best.

Anyway back to the plan, obviously im still getting some long runs in over the next 2 weeks, but when it comes to run day my plan is to run up to 10k (as long as i have no pain) then walk a k or 2, then run again for 5-8k litle rest then run the last K or 2..... simples.

Now this all depends on how my legs hold up, but i will be strapped to the nines, and also helped by some anti inflamms, and plenty of rest/ice the night before not to mention my million and one butt exercises that i have to do every day :-)

But the main aim is to run till i start to feel even the slightest twinge... walk till it goes, run again till i feel twinges etc etc

this could go well and i may be able to run all 13 miles.... or i could be walking most of it :-) but i will have done it and thats all that matters.

it will be a family affair, and after all these years and each of us having our own battle with the bulge.... all three injured or not will be crossing that finish line to show just how far we have come :-)

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