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Friday, 13 August 2010

Time for an Update me thinks

appologies all, i know it has been some time since i ranted on about things, however im sure you did not miss me too much.
so much has happened in the past few weeks.... i have officially become a fully qualified Personal Trainer, come back to my dreary job, had several interviews with David Lloyd Health club in nottingham (to which the final one is tuesday... and its looking good for my new life to start there), made home made jam (which i am utterly proud of and generally started making some positive changes to my own fitness and nutrition regime.
so where do i start.... well the Personal training bit is my most exciting news i guess, however i will miss the many fun times we had in london i am now raring to go with it and all being well David lloyd will be the place for me to do this. i still have a mountain to climb doing my normal full time job as well as part time PT at david lloyd but it will hopefully be an enjoyable and challenging moutain....and eventually will lead to me reducing my dreary hours behind an office desk and filling them with far more exciting times running round studios helping my clients find the fun in fitness!

changing my nutrition regime.... well would you  believe it i now have full fat milk (yes full fat read my previous blog to see why) in the fridge as well as unprocessed full fat orgainic butter, my cuboard is bursting to the seems wth organinc natural products, and i am carefully monitoring my sugar intake..... my house mate who has always been very pro organic is proud of me, although my pockets are a little emptier i feel satisfied knowing my body will reep the benefits... plus if you shop savvy you can still get good wholesome organic low processed food for less if you get the shops own brand rather than brand names :-) and the look of the food on my plate is highly satisfying, and lets face it butter just tastes far better than marge :-)

Jam making...... ooooooo i had fun here, my loacl parks are currently bursting to the seems with blackberrys and with a little help from my sister Mrs B a jam recipe was gained and the jam challenge set :-)

now in this process i learnt a few things....
1. firstly do not go blackberry picking in shorts and flip flops injuries will occur
2. always watch out for bees.... it is not wise to pick them,,,,, you are infact after blackberries after all
3. never leave blackberry jam unattended...... unless you want your kitchen to look like someone was murdered bruttaly in it.
4. if removing seeds from jam do this speedily time is of the essence before the jam sets
5. only ever keep one pot for you and give the rest to friends they will throughly enjoy this.

Fitness regime creation..... well this is still a work in progress and will be for a while as i have 2 triathlons and a half marathon coming up running steadily and building my miles without knee issues is currently my main aim... but to be honest getting out on my bike or running round the lake is still just a joy, with my ipod on and my new iphone tracking my progress with runkeeper im steadily getting there :-)

so there you go a wordy and waffly update..... i will try to ensure i do more

i cannot quite believe all the hard work is finally paying off and i am now in a position to truely share this with others..... if i help but a few my job here will be done.

xx Mairi

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